Jackson Hunt

   Jackson Hunt’s series of neorealist figurative paintings "Adult Lessons For Adolescents", explores self discovery amongst bacchanalian male youth culture. Drawing on his own experiences, Hunt confronts the insecurities felt during the transition out of adolescence and into adulthood, and the search for self identity amongst the pack. Hunt describes his source for the work as “Images and compositions taken from digital camera photos of the wild party, that was never that wild in actuality. Humour pervades each moment in depictions of intoxicated 19 year olds so excited to be on their own, searching for comradery, acceptance and fulfilment of lust which most often remained unsatisfied. And while these images begin full of energy and excitement they inevitably end up with someone passed out on the ground.” Like fragments of the socially mediated memory, the camera captures the scenes of sexually charged irreverence of teenage parties, where the imbibing of alcohol and drugs pervades. Though an appearance of freedom and camaraderie sets the stage for these paintings, the subtext can become dark, treading on humiliation, discomfort and loneliness. Through the act of painting and reprocessing of these personal images, Hunt is performing an acceptance of the past self; and through the critical apparatus of painting, an affirmation of self in the now.

Born in New York (1988), Jackson Hunt grew up in Portland Oregon and began painting at the age of 13 under the instruction of oil painter Sean Cain. He received a BFA in 2010 from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn NY and in 2012 attended the Vermont Studio Center Residency Program .