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This is a collage of four portraits of University of South Carolina Professor and Visual artist Dawn Hunter in the color blue, yellow, purple and hot pink.

Portraits of artist Dawn Hunter attending a gallery exhibition opening, spring 2024.

This is a mixed media drawing by artist Dawn Hunter of two Las Vegas showgirls surrounded by flowers, birds and butterflies.

Vegas Garden, by artist Dawn Hunter, graphite, ink and acrylic on paper, 36" x 58."

This is a Plein air painting of the Columbia, South Carolina Riverwalk by artist Dawn Hunter.

Riverwalk, by artist Dawn Hunter, acrylic on canvas, 24" x 36."

Dawn Hunter

Artist, USC Professor & Fulbright Scholar

Dawn's Story

Dawn Hunter Artist _ CV_edited.jpg

Welcome to the world of Dawn Hunter, a visual artist, Fulbright Scholar, and USC professor, whose comprehensive selection of drawings and paintings captures the essence of popular culture. With a unique perspective on the world around us, Dawn's artwork is a reflection of her diverse skills and influences. Through her background in observational painting, art education, and video production, she creates diaristic pieces that resonate with everyday experiences. Additionally, she has created a comprehensive body of artwork about Santiago Ramón y Cajal. This series has been featured in The Scientist, NLM's Circulating Now, Scientific American and the Consilience Journal.


Dawn's artistic journey has taken her far and wide, exhibiting her work in prestigious venues such as the Instituto Cajal, the Royal Academy of Arts, the Berkeley Art Center, Brown University, Whittier College, the University of Wisconsin, Madison, University of Montana, and SCOPE New York. Her talent has earned her coveted residencies at the Vermont Studio Center, the Cooper Union in NYC, and the Royal Academy Schools in London, England. Notably, her captivating creations have found a place in the collections of the University of South Carolina and the LaGrange Art Museum.


Dawn pursued her education at some of the finest art schools in the United States. She obtained her BFA from the esteemed Kansas City Art Institute, followed by her MFA from the University of California, Davis. She has been honored with awards and grants, including a Starr Foundation Fellowship to the Royal Academy of Arts in London and a Fulbright Fellowship for research at the Instituto Cajal in Madrid, Spain. She serves as an Associate Professor at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC.


Step into Dawn Hunter's artistic universe, where her captivating interpretations of celebrities and everyday life await. Thank you for visiting!




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