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Art Portfolios

Welcome to an emporium of vibrant creativity where imagination takes form and art tells a story. This distinctive gallery is a treasure trove of artistic narratives created by artist Dawn Hunter. It includes several notable series created by Dawn that span topics from pop culture parody to Plein air landscape painting. 


Explore the allure of 'Spectacle Spectacular,' an exploration of grandeur and excess within material and beauty culture. Slink into 'Hyper Glamour,' where sensuality meets extravagance, merging boundaries between the real and the surreal in a series about popular entertainer Dolly Parton. Experience the intriguing journey encapsulated in 'My Barbie Series,' with two gripping subseries that, by using the doll as a surrogate, explore psychodynamics within female identity, 'Device for an Emotional Journey' and the evocative 'Hottentot Venus Tribute,' each presenting a unique perspective on this iconic figure with a serious tone.


Be captivated by the raw energy of 'The Darcy Inventory,' or lose yourself in the tranquil beauty of our landscape paintings. Lastly, discover the human form through the lens of artistic interpretation with the collection of figure drawings, each studying shape, movement, and emotion.


For those seeking a deeper dive into the visual complexity where art and science meet, Dawn invites you to visit her other art website, There, you'll find a comprehensive portfolio dedicated to Santiago Ramón y Cajal, seamlessly weaving together art and neuroscience in an innovative celebration of this pioneering scientist's legacy.

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