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The Darcy Inventory

"Capturing Darcy, Capturing Growth: A month-long exploration of art and identity that deepened my lens as both an artist and a mother." - Dawn Hunter, on her transformative journey through Facetober and Inktober

In October 2021, I chose to make a portrait of my daughter Darcy every day. I responded to the social media prompts of Facetober and Inktober. I used the prompts to instigate works and challenge my perspective or point of view about Darcy. The process was a creative journey that took me into unexpected territory as an artist and mother. It created a space that allowed my daughter to collaborate by critiquing my work or making suggestions for improvements. The portraits extend beyond social media prompts. They serve as a diaristic inventory that weaves a tapestry of Darcy's identity and experiences as an adoptee and biracial child while simultaneously broadening my perspective as her mother. Portraiture, IMO, operates best when it is presented with a pluralistic perspective. Through this process, I intended to mirror the concept that I applied to my Cajal Inventory installation (recently on view in Las Vegas), however, with portraits of my daughter Darcy.


The entire Darcy Inventory series has been accepted into the 2022 ArtFields competition. I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge illustrator, Charly Clements, for creating Facetober and inspiring my process. Her engagement throughout the entire month with all participants created a sense of community, support, and connection.


- Dawn Hunter

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