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Formal and pop traditions are addressed in these Barbie drawings by combining seemingly disparate objects and images.

I began using dolls in my artwork as a means of exploring traditional topics of perception by organizing them in still-lifes. After selecting Barbie as the central subject for some of my artwork, I initially explored the impact that twentieth-century technology had on the creation of Barbie. As a child she was my favorite toy, her quality and beauty unrivaled. My memories of play and past perceptions led me to explore her identity as a prize/trophy representation of femininity. Using graphite, ink and watercolor, I created each work with a general feeling or idea in mind, and by posing a doll as one might pose a live model. I did not predetermine content of the drawings. By responding to the materials and image, I discovered and developed the narrative in form and content for each work. By utilizing Barbie as a surrogate and stereotype, I deconstructed her unobtainable status by juxtaposing her against multiple-image narratives that portray domesticity and mortality in content. The images were taken from popular movie stills, and addressed political and gender issues while simultaneously serving as personal testimony.


All of the images on this page are thumbnails, please click on the thumbnails of each work below to view a larger, full screen image.

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