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As part of my studio practice, I actively engage in drawing and painting from life. 

All of my work is created through a perceptual process, even when I create work about popular culture, like for example, the Spectacle Spectacular or the Personified Doubles and Complementary Opposites portfolios. The drawings and paintings were created by exploring photographic images from popular culture in the same manner as one would explore a traditional still life. Prior to beginning each of the works in the previous portfolios I deconstructed and reconstructed select images from pop culture by that I mean I created a unique 3-D maquette to serve as a still life for each work. Multiple fashion editorials were re-edited, slashed, cut, and pasted into a composite subject for each work. My landscape painting pracitice contributes to my perceptual ability, thus enabling me to translate image and object from culture with spatial depth.


All of the images on this page are thumbnails, please click on the thumbnails of each work below to view a larger, full screen image.

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